First slide 1. The Gymnastic Arena, which is one of the largest and most important sports facilities inAzerbaijan, is also one of the projects of MIRAS Global. Given the size of the facility, various lighting systems are installed here. First slide 2. At the entrance to the Gymnastic Arena, models of the type ___ are highlighted. Thesemodels are made of white aluminum material, which fits perfectly into the interior of the part in question and provides the necessary lighting. First slide 3. Model ___ is installed in the dressing room of the Gymnastic Arena. This model ofluminaires is compact and charming in design, making it impossible to ignore even the most subtle details. First slide 4. One of the advantages of the ___ lamp is its light output. In general, MIRAS Global lampsdiffer from other analogs in that they are more economical in energy consumption. First slide 5. Model ___ of MIRAS GLOBAL products was used for the large hall of the GymnasticArena. It is resistant to different atmospheric conditions and light emitting ability. First slide 6. For this reason, the ___ model is installed in the large hall and fully guaranteeshigh-quality observation of events by staff, athletes and fans at events. First slide 7. Of course, here we must not forget about the ___ model. This model belongs to a special class and not only illuminates a specific space, but also achieves its detail.